The Holiday Gush

The antidote to the Holiday Rush is what is happening outside in nature at this very moment in Marin: The Holiday Gush. A fierce flow of water has been rushing into the creeks and watershed making all  Marin Nature Lovers super happy beings. After the last heavy rain, I ventured out to Cascade Canyon aka Elliott Nature Preserve in Fairfax at the end of the road and marveled at the full on rush of water flowing magically over the river stones large and small. The once dry creek bed has started up again like a miracle just in time for The New Year! It truly does seem miraculous after the arduous drought that has plagued CA for far too long. Head out to the end of the trail to see (and hear) the waterfall and take it all in especially the positive ions as they release with the force of whitewater and the surrounding embrace of nature catapulting you into a lush endorphin gushing rush!

For details and location see link and copied article below

From Ronnie’s Awesome List: Top 10 Waterfall Hikes in Marin County-

#7 Cascade Falls in Fairfax.

“Land Managing Agency: Marin County Parks

Dog Regulations: Dogs on leash at all times

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

Traffic: Light to Moderate


Cascade Creek is one of a few places left with an active Steelhead Trout run. The Steelhead are classified as endangered by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The hike back to the falls will pass right by this unique habitat and if you are observant enough you might just spot a few of the fish making their redds in the creek. Juvenile fish can be found in the upper ponds all year long. There is limited parking at both the Canyon Road and Cascade Drive trailheads. Both parallel each other from either side of the creek and run back towards the falls. Best access during high water is from Cascade Drive though, as Canyon Trail and Cascade Fire Road will be blocked by high waterflow . Both trails eventually meet with Cascade Fire Road, continue over a small hill, stay to the left at the first junction, and then cross a small wooden bridge. To get to the falls head up the trail to the right about 5 minutes to reach the falls. During the spring there is an amazing amount of wildflowers throughout the canyon.”

Marin Nomad

As a photographer, writer, psychotherapist and nature lover, I am passionate about living in Marin County, CA. The perfect home base, Fairfax, CA is where I get out daily on the miles and miles of open space and find inspiration and plot my next journey out of Marin into the world. The Marin Nomad site was born in 2014 out of a desire to share some of what I experience here in Marin and during my travels. The world has been through a lot since then, especially recently and there a need more than ever to be out in the natural world. Please see my other sites: Instagram: @maryserphos Photography: Psychotherapy: Inspirational Card Deck:

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