White Sands

After leaving the scorching 110 plus degree days in Arizona, I crossed the state line into New Mexico and immediately the temperature dropped.

I arrived to White Sands just as dusk was turning into dark…excitement overcame me as this spot has been on my bucket list for many years…While pulling up to the entrance gate my thought was that I would get turned away because the park closing time was less than an hour from now. Much to my surprise, I had time to go explore the closest trail as the female ranger with red hair pulled into two thick braids advised me. I tried not to speed through the park to the first trail and parked my van Juniper aka Juni and with my rapid heartbeat and sheer excitement, I made my way on to the trail-head and up and over the small into a magical dune filled wonderland. The cool white sand beneath my toes was utter delight. The sheer awe of this magical spot as the stars came out above had me wide eyed and open jawed. I made the obligatory angel in the snow, err I mean sand! and danced barefoot as the undulating hills furled out into the night.  Not a soul around, just me and vast sky above and exquisite landscape. Night turned to day and the adventure began again….

Marin Nomad

As a photographer, writer, psychotherapist and nature lover, I am passionate about living in Marin County, CA. The perfect home base, Fairfax, CA is where I get out daily on the miles and miles of open space and find inspiration and plot my next journey out of Marin into the world. The Marin Nomad site was born in 2014 out of a desire to share some of what I experience here in Marin and during my travels. The world has been through a lot since then, especially recently and there a need more than ever to be out in the natural world. Please see my other sites: Instagram: @maryserphos Photography: www.imagesbymaryserphos.com Psychotherapy: www.theawarebody.com Inspirational Card Deck: www.dreamingthelightcards.com

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