Sayulita Mexico: The Perfect Escape

With it’s ideal blend of Surf, Chill, and Culture, Sayulita is a charming small city/big town, less than 4 hours away from Marin, CA by plane.

And once you land, it’s a breezy 1/2 urban, 1/2 pastoral 45 minute bus or taxi ride north of Puerto Vallarta along the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the state known as Nayarit.  Sayulita started to expand from its tiny fishing village status over thirty years ago after it was discovered by a handful of Gringos and Europeans.  Overnight it became a hot spot for bohemian surfers looking to get off the beaten path and create a secret haven to hideaway from the crowds. Those days are long gone and the secret has been out for years with surf camps galore lining the concentrated beach at the south end.

In the last decade this surfing hot spot has also become a shopping mecca for fine Mexican folk art as well as handmade boho clothes, jewelry and other local finds. Along the narrow streets, you’ll find an array of shops and galleries that have a wide range of decorative, usable and wearable art. In the center of it all is a sweet piazza that functions as the meeting place for locals as well as travelers looking to take it all in or for revelers looking to party the night away.  The Plaza is lined with cafes and restaurants and bohemian shops that cater to the traveller who is part hippie, part posh. It’s hard to miss the semi-local Indigenous Huichol artisans who are adorned in their customary stye of clothing, beautifully decorated with bright colorful patterns sitting outside of Choco Banana as well as down the street to the beach locally known as the “Calle de las Artisanas.”

There are a plethora of restaurants to choose from in Sayulita and you can feast on anything from handmade blue corn tortillas stuffed with the usual delicious Mexican repertoire of rice, beans and guac (Yeikame) to locally grown garden picked salads and green juices (La Esperanza), fruit smoothies with superfood additions at Orangy, and of course local coffee (the best cup and a strong one at that is at the Sayulita bookstore or at Yah Yah’s on the square and both spots also serve gluten free baked goods). Stay a bit out of town if you want to avoid the hustle and blaring live music at night. Or pack ear plugs and stay in your own private getaway for under 150 a night at Casita La Leyenda (The legendary house) with an incredible view or at Casa Salita (with a bigger group) and just off the square at Petit Hotel Hafa for an well priced upscale rustic vibe (check out their roof deck whether or not you stay there).  For a quieter option check out Hotelito Los Suenos or if you want to be right on the beach, at Casa Blanca, both a bit down the road from the main part of town.

Don’t miss The Farmer’s Market in town on Friday mornings with an incredible array of food and artists displaying their goods. And if you want to swim rather than surf, hop over to Playa de los Muertos, a small protected beach a short walk out of town through the classic Villa Amor property and the local cemetery. And make the drive or hop on the bus to another great beach town a lot quieter than Sayulita called San Pancho, just north up the road from Sayulita. To rent a board in Sayulita, check out Quiverto in town or Sayulita Surf Rebel right on the beach just North of the river. There are three great Yoga studios in Sayulita- Hotelito Los Suenos has daily classes as does Paraiso Yoga and Om Yoga, a short walk out of the center of town. In terms of good shopping, don’t miss Revolucion del Sueno, Gypsy Galeria, LuLu, Galeria La Hamaca, Evoke, Galeria Tanana, and Pachamama as well as the sweet pop-up stands and individual local artisan tables along two main cobblestone roads to the beach. For a sweet massage in your room or rental book with Lucy Mejia (also the owner of La Esperanza) and hop into Bliss for a pedicure. And to give back while you’re on vacation, Sayulita Animals is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping out local dogs and cats stay healthy and find safe and stable homes.


As a photographer, writer, psychotherapist and nature lover, I am passionate about living in Marin County, CA. The perfect home base, Fairfax, CA is where I get out daily on the miles and miles of open space and find inspiration and plot my next journey out of Marin into the world. More about Mary... Mary is a New York Native who has been living in Northern CA for the past 20 years. She is a "Creative Image Photographer" infusing digital images with innovative techniques. Her favorite spot to take photos is muddled amidst the trees of Marin County CA, or in an exotic urban environment near the ocean, under the sky, and completely in awe. Mary's goal is to capture this scenery, to reach into the mystery of life, into the everyday magic, use the light and the dark as guides, delve into the chaos or the quiet and capture and whittle away at these snapshots, without disrupting their original essence, until they come alive and rich with depth and mood. Her mission is to create unique works of art that bring this depth, mystery, upheaval or serenity to people's walls and homes and ultimately that her work becomes a catalyst to help shift onlookers mood and outlook even if for a moment in time. Her work has been described as dreamy, ethereal, mysterious and mythical and yet also simple and straightforward. Currently her photos are on display at Google Headquarters in California.

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