Marin Nomad Grabs Lunch on the Go

Fast, relatively cheap and most Importantly, excellent finds to grab a bite whether on the run or when there’s time to sit down and savor those foodie flavors that Marin is known for. All of these spots source local and direct from organic farms and are proud to boast their sourcing either on the website or right there on the wall next to the menu. And truly all these spots are good, really good. I have eaten at each one multiple times and not once have I been disappointed, which says a lot, because I am picky and known amongst my tribe as being a  food snob. I may be a nomad, but I like my food clean, local and superb.

Radiance Cuisine, C Street San Rafael: (Update, Unfortunately Radiance is now closed- We are sad about this but wish Kalimba and Radnath, the owners a beautiful sabbatical)…Stay tuned for more good spots to eat in Marin) A perfect spot to go when you really want to eat clean and fresh without any animal anything  Beautifully crafted bowls made with more love than you can imagine. Try the Radiance Bowl with brown rice, creamy lentil dal and little gem salad topped with watermelon radishes. And top it off with a chocolate chip cookie- (too good to be gluten free and vegan, but believe me, you will thank me).

Good Earth Natural Foods, Center Blvd, Fairfax: Head over to the hot bar, the burrito bar, the wok bar, the smoothie/juice bar, the soup bar, the sandwich bar or yes, the salad bar. As you can see, you have your choice. And what great choices indeed. Wonderfully organic food and the best gluten free pizza you can imagine. Just don’t hate me if you spend way more than you planned.

The Plant Cafe, Strawberry, Mill Valley: Spacious, airy atmosphere and friendly servers will delight you with smoothies, juices, salads, sandwiches and even more elegant full-on plates. My favorite is a triple combo of a1/2 pesto chicken sando on gluten free bread, with some mixed greens and a small soup. They also whip up great egg dishes for brunch. And don’t miss their drip coffee. Also a case full of goodies to grab and go.

Table Cafe, Magnolia Drive, Larkspur: A small spot tucked away in a Larkspurian corner that Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, likes to frequent (I’ve run into him twice here). Serving oversize dosa’s that are like thin savory pancakes made with lentil/brown rice flour wrapped around anything from duck to lamb to sautéed veggies served with chutney’s and refreshing drinks. So good and don’t forget to top it all off with homemade dessert.


As a photographer, writer, psychotherapist and nature lover, I am passionate about living in Marin County, CA. The perfect home base, Fairfax, CA is where I get out daily on the miles and miles of open space and find inspiration and plot my next journey out of Marin into the world. More about Mary... Mary is a New York Native who has been living in Northern CA for the past 20 years. She is a "Creative Image Photographer" infusing digital images with innovative techniques. Her favorite spot to take photos is muddled amidst the trees of Marin County CA, or in an exotic urban environment near the ocean, under the sky, and completely in awe. Mary's goal is to capture this scenery, to reach into the mystery of life, into the everyday magic, use the light and the dark as guides, delve into the chaos or the quiet and capture and whittle away at these snapshots, without disrupting their original essence, until they come alive and rich with depth and mood. Her mission is to create unique works of art that bring this depth, mystery, upheaval or serenity to people's walls and homes and ultimately that her work becomes a catalyst to help shift onlookers mood and outlook even if for a moment in time. Her work has been described as dreamy, ethereal, mysterious and mythical and yet also simple and straightforward. Currently her photos are on display at Google Headquarters in California.

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